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Özpekler is working fast to maintain the quality understanding that it has not compromised since its installation with the years of experience and to provide you with the highest quality service.
Trout eggs and larvae production, trout farming, Denizli in 2017 after Trout processing and packaging plants province of Honaz County Kaklik Leather majored in Organized Industrial Zone 6 tons / hour capacity in the fish feed production facilities Extruded due to be presented to the service of Turkey's aquaculture industry proud.

Our goal is to provide first quality final products with fast, healthy and low-cost growth with the feeds we produce.
Towards this goal, our system with the goal of providing high digestibility of all our feed establishing sprayer grinding system to capture the 95% particle size of less than 300 microns as a first in Turkey and has been included double screw to the extruder system.
Our feeds, which are prepared by using raw materials containing high quality and well digestible nutrients to achieve high growth performance from the first stages of juvenile fish, are prepared with special rations by adding combinations of vitamins, minerals and immune-boosting products with high biological usefulness that your fish needs.

In order to produce our fish feeds from high quality raw materials, our laboratories are analyzed before production and subjected to detailed digestible tests. After the production, it is subjected to many analyzes and quality safety tests and delivered to our customers.
Especially in the feeding of rootstocks, it is met from high quality animal protein sources, and HUFA fatty acids and necessary amino acids, along with vitamins and mineral combinations, are also used for breeding and quality egg yield.

It is the first feed company that has applied the GLOBAL GAP (CFM) Standard and has been audited and documented since its first production. In this way, while increasing the reliability, quality and value of the products it produces; It underlines its sensitivity to the environment, its employees and animal welfare.